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Start: January 1, 2015 End: January 14, 2015

Villains Redeemed is the 14th event in Destiny of Spirits. The three chaos spirits of the guides are back to celebrate the new year. Unlike the Friend in Need! event, this time players will be able to receive Reiyatik, Reverdandi and Miyokutsu. The Final Boss is the Kyoala and will be found once a certain condition is met.

Raid Bosses Edit

  • Monday, Wednesday and Saturday: Reiyatik Earth
    • Battle Skill: Change to Water element (all enemies).
    • Support Skill: Change to Earth element (all allies).
    • Adds: x2 Nemesis
  • Wednesday, Friday and Sunday: Miyokutsu Light
    • Battle Skill: Next damage taken will be 1 (all allies)
    • Support Skill: Reduces first damage received to 1 HP (all allies)
    • Adds: x3 Treasure Ship
  • Final Boss: Kyoala Wood
    • Battle Skill: ArmorBreakDamage received +100% for 5 seconds (all enemies)
    • Support Skill SpeedHP Increase speed under X% HP
    • Adds: x5 Bonda

Boss Health Edit

Level Reiyatik Reverdandi Miyokutsu Kyoala
1 3,330 3,330 1,110 11,100
2 4,100 4,190 1,490 11,580
5 6,410 6,770 2,630 13,020
15 14,110 15,370 6,430 18,300
30 17,564 28,270 12,130 25,500
50 41,060 45,470 25,430
75 60,310 66,970 49,370
99 78,790 87,610 75,248

Rewards Edit

Individual Boss Defeated Edit

Conquest Reward Boss: SPoint500

Final Boss: SStone900

Discovery Reward Boss: SStone300
Final Boss: SPoint500
MVP Reward Boss: SStone800
Final Boss: SPoint900

Total Bosses Defeated Edit

Bosses defeated Reward
11 Bonda
22 Bonda
44 Bonda
65 Bonda
88 Bonda
111 Bonda
125 Bonda
150 Reverdandi (European Version), Reiyatik (Americas and Asian Version)
175 Miyokutsu (Americas and European Version), Reverdandi (Asian Version)
200 Miyokutsu (Asian Version), Reverdandi (Americas Version), Reiyatik (European Version)
225 Kyoala
250 Joker of Wood (For merging)
275 Joker of Metal (For merging)
300 Joker of Water (For merging)

Conquest Level RewardsEdit

Boss level defeated Reward Bosses
LV 1 Bonda Kyoala
LV 5 Reverdandi Reverdandi
Reiyatik Reiyatik
Miyokutsu Miyokutsu
Miroku Kyoala
LV 10

1,000 SStone

Reverdandi, Reiyatik, Miyokutsu
Belobog Kyoala
LV 15 Reverdandi Reverdandi
Reiyatik Reiyatik
Miyokutsu Miyokutsu
Inti Kyoala
LV 20 Bonda Reverdandi, Reiyatik, Miyokutsu
Meretseger Kyoala
LV 25 Horus Kyoala
LV 30 Reverdandi Reverdandi
Reiyatik Reiyatik
Miyokutsu Miyokutsu
Yinglong (Event) Kyoala
LV 35

4,000 SPoint

Reverdandi, Reiyatik, Miyokutsu
Kyoala Kyoala
LV 40 Joker of Wood (For merging) Kyoala
LV 45 Reverdandi Reverdandi
Reiyatik Reiyatik
Miyokutsu Miyokutsu

7,000 SPoint

LV 50 Queen of Fire (For merging) Reverdandi
Queen of Earth (For merging) Reiyatik
Queen of Light (For merging) Miyokutsu
LV 60 Kyoala Reverdandi, Reiyatik, Miyokutsu

8,000 SStone

LV 70 Joker of Fire (For merging) Reverdandi
Joker of Earth (For merging) Reiyatik
Joker of Light (For merging) Miyokutsu
LV 75

9,000 SPoint

LV 80

8,000 SStone

Reverdandi, Reiyatik, Miyokutsu
LV 90

9,000 SPoint

Reverdandi, Reiyatik, Miyokutsu

10,000 SStone

LV 99

1,000 SStone

Reverdandi, Reiyatik, Miyokutsu

2,000 SStone


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