Name Tlaloc Lore Aztec Myth and Folklore
Rarity DOS - R Element Water Cost 3.0 Skill Cost 60
Battle Skill Cry of the Titans
Effect Strength ATK +10% (all allies, 15 secs).
Support Skill Battle Carnival
Effect FirstStrike First Strike deals +40% damage (all allies).
Base 500 130 110
LV 20 767 244 219
LV 30 907 303 276
LV 40 1040 360 330
LV 50 1148 406 374
How to Obtain
SStone Zone DO 16x16 No Hunt Yes Battle No Event No
Defeat the Central America zone boss to unlock for normal summoning.

Spirit History and Mythology
One of the main Aztec gods, whose name means "he who is the embodiment of the earth," he enjoyed a dedicated worship in ancient Tenochtitlan. Together with his sister Chalchiuhtlicue, they brought rain, fertility and nature's regeneration.

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