Santa Claus

Name Santa Claus Lore Finnish Myth & Folklore
Rarity DOS - SR Element Light Cost 3.5 Skill Cost 60
Battle Skill A Present for You
Effect All allies attack extremely fiercely at once (1 enemy)
Support Skill Children's Dream
Effect Counter 75% Counterattack chance for 80% damage (all allies).
Base 700 180 150
LV 25 934 274 321
LV 35 1031 312 393
LV 45 1113 345 453
LV 55 1188 375 508
LV 65 1263 405 563
How to Obtain
SStone No DO 16x16 No Hunt No Battle No Event Yes
Event Reward: Holly and Jolly / Login Bonus (Reward for the 20th day in December 2014).

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