{{Spirit/ gallery

jiojljlkjlkjlç |lore=Miscellaneous |name=Robo Knack |hp=780 |atk=180 |spd=140 |maxhp1=1192 |maxatk1=308 |maxspd1=268 |maxhp2=1363 |maxatk2=361 |maxspd2=321 |maxhp3=1506 |maxatk3=406 |maxspd3=366 |maxhp4=1638 |maxatk4=447 |maxspd4=407 |maxhp5=1770 |maxatk5=488 |maxspd5=448 |maxhp6=1885 |maxatk6=523 |maxspd6=483 |cost=4.0 |type=Metal |bskill=Healing Relic |bskill_effect=Action Energy +100% (all allies). |spcost=40 |sskill=Reliable Partner |sskill_effect= Strength ATK +30% (all allies). |stone=n |orb=y |hunt=n |battle=n |event=n |adv=y |merging= |notes=Update V1.12 dropped party cost from 5.0 to 4.0 Update V1.07 dropped Battle Skill cost from 80 to 40. }}

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