Name Pele Lore Hawaiian Myth and Folklore
Rarity DOS - UC Element Fire Cost 2.0 Skill Cost 60
Battle Skill Volcano
Effect Change to Metal element (single enemy, 20 sec).
Base 380 110 90
LV 15 620 185 165
LV 25 792 238 218
LV 35 963 291 271
How to Obtain
SStone No DO 16x16 No Hunt Question Battle Yes Event No

Spirit History and Mythology
In Hawaiian mythology, Pele is the goddess of volcanoes. Known as the "earth eating woman", she has had many legends told about her. She was known to be strong, passionate, and temperamental. Several real-world phenomena related to volcanism have been named after her, including Pele's hair and Pele's tears.

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