Name Pachacamac Lore Inca Myth and Folklore
Rarity DOS - R Element Earth Cost 3.0 Skill Cost 45
Battle Skill Earth Whip
Effect 100% Earth damage (all enemies).
Support Skill Pierce
Effect Crit Critical hit rate +15% (all allies).
Base 540 125 105
LV 20 866 226 206
LV 30 1037 279 259
LV 40 1200 330 310
LV 50 1332 371 351
How to Obtain
SStone Zone DO 16x16 No Hunt Yes Battle No Event No
(This spirit appears in a place that was already pacified. He appeared as a boss in the place where there was already another boss defeated zone.) Defeat the ??? (?,?) to unlock for normal summoning.

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