Name Nuada the Silver Arm Lore Celtic Myth and Folklore
Rarity DOS - SR Element Metal Cost 4.0 Skill Cost 55
Battle Skill Thalatha Qaws
Effect 150% Metal damage (all enemies)
Support Skill Golden Resonance
Effect +10% SPD per Metal spirit (all allies)
Base 700 145 120
LV 25 1018 279 276
LV 35 1150 335 341
LV 45 1261 382 395
LV 55 1363 425 445
LV 65 1465 468 500
How to Obtain
SStone Eu Help Update No Hunt Yes Battle Question Event No

Spirit History and LoreEdit

Nuada Airgetlám was the first king of the Tuatha Dé Danann in Irish mythology. He lost his arm in the battle at Mag Tuired, but later had a replacement made of silver attached by the physicican Dian Cecht. Nuada ruled for many years, but was killed in the second Battle at Mag Tuired by Balor, but was avenged by Lugh.

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