When the spirit you're adding shares its name with another spirit that already exists, it should be differentiated with a suffix in parenthesis. If the spirit comes from an event, it should be suffixed with (Event). If it comes from a special summon, the suffix should be based on the summon name. For example, look at Leviathan, Leviathan (Event), and Leviathan (Soul Sacrifice Delta). When the spirit name hasn't been used already, no suffix should be used.

Step 1: Upload a screenshot named the same as the spirit if you have it. In the top right, click on the Contribute button and go to Add a Photo. Browse to the folder where the image is saved. Make sure you change the target filename for the upload to the exact name of the spirit, including capitalization and punctuation.

If you don't name the image spiritname.jpg or the image is in a different format (e.g. PNG), you can override the default filename the template uses by going to Template:Spirit/ImageByName. Edit the template and make a new line, inserting the exact name of the spirit and the correct filename.

When uploading new versions of images, priority should always be given in the following order: Up-to-date info, English language, no buttons over the image, pure maxed stats. If the new image's changes violate one of the earlier items in the list, don't upload it.

Step 2: Add to List of Spirits. Find the correct element and click on the Pencil. Scroll to the correct rarity and add a new line in the correct alphabetical spot as *[[spiritname]].

Step 3: Create a new page for the spirit. Go back to List of Spirits, find your new entry, and click on the red link to make the spirit's page. Choose a to create a blank page. Add the single line {{{{PAGENAME}}|gallery}}, as well as any categories. Use Basilisk as a reference.

Step 4: Create the template for the spirit. Click the red text Template:spiritname to make the spirit's template page. Use Template:Basilisk as a reference.

Step 5: Copy the following code into the new template.

|lore= Myth and Folklore

Fill out as much information as you can and publish. See Template:Spirit/gallery for details. When updating stats, be sure to subtract the blue stats (pure merge bonus stats) from the total first.

Step 6: Set the spirit's rarity. Edit the template Template:Spirit/RarityByName. Add the new spirit in the correct alphabetical location with the correct value for rarity (1=Common, 2=Uncommon, 3=Rare, 4=Super Rare).

Note: When making intermediate template edits, sometimes Wikia will cache the template and not show the changes on the spirit page. If this happens, add ?action=purge to the end of the -spirit page's- url and it will be forced to re-transclude the spirit's template.

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