Name Kane Lore Hawaiian Myth and Folklore
Rarity DOS - SR Element Fire Cost 4.0 Skill Cost 75
Battle Skill Great Burning Hell
Effect ArmorUp Damage received -30% (all allies, 15 secs).
Support Skill Heaven's Feet
Effect HP10%↓: SPD +20% (all allies)
Base 760 145 105
LV 25 1249 295 183
LV 35 1453 357 215
LV 45 1624 409 243
LV 55 1781 457 268
LV 65 1938 505 293
How to Obtain
SStone No DO 16x16 No Hunt Am Battle Yes Event No
Can be obtained in battle at (-14, -3)

Spirit History and LoreEdit

Kāne is the supreme deity in Hawaiian mythology and is the creator and giver of life associated with dawn, sun, and sky. There are many tales and legends involving Kāne, one of which deals with the origination of the term aloha.

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