Name Ictinike Lore Native American Myth and Folklore
Rarity DOS - C Element Fire Cost 1.0 Skill Cost 70
Battle Skill Brave Arm
Effect Strength ATK +10% (single ally, 15 secs).
Base 280 90 70
LV 10 434 138 118
LV 20 606 191 171
How to Obtain
SStone No DO 16x16 No Hunt Am Battle Am Event No


Drops from -7,+5

Spirit History and LoreEdit

Ictinike, also known as Iktomi, was a spider-trickster spirit in Lakota mythology. He was often found causing mischief, but was also known to come to the aid of the Lakota people in times of distress. He was also a shapeshifter and controlled humans in a puppet-like fashion. He often was aided in his tricks by Coyote.

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