Grenburr New

Name Grenburr Lore Miscellaneous
Rarity DOS - SR Element Dark Cost 5.0 Skill Cost 85
Battle Skill Guillotine
Effect 1200 Fixed damage (single enemy).
Support Skill Damage
Effect Strength ATK +30% (all allies).
Base 1060 210 140
LV 25 1549 360 218
LV 35 1753 422 250
LV 45 1924 474 278
LV 55 2081 522 303
LV 65 2238 570 328
LV 75 2374 612 349
How to Obtain
SStone No DO 16x16 Yes Hunt No Battle No Event No

Spirit History and Mythology
Just like Cannogabang, Grenburr is an elite unit in Patapon 3. He wields a powerful greatsword and wears a bull mask. A Grenburr can bombard any enemy with its arsenal of weapons like greatswords, greatblades, and axes. Its signature move, "guillotine," involves Grenburr jumping, spinning, and slamming its weapon on the ground sending all enemies to their deaths.

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