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Start: June 19, 2014 End: July 16, 2014 (extended to July 23 2014 21:59 UTC)

Dragons Summit is the first Daily Raid Event  in Destiny of Spirits.

DoS Website:

"With the ancient gods sealed once again, the world has restored its order. Yet, the peace has once again crumbled as the mighty forces of the legendary dragons gather from around the world. Only when one is truly brave enough to confront all seven of these elemental dragons, will the dragon lord "Bahamut" reveal itself. On June 19th, prepare to face the legends!"

What's Raid Boss Event "Dragons Summit"?Edit

It is an event where you will fight total of 8 Raid bosses which will appear on specific day of the week. Depending on your number of conquests and conquest level, you can acquire in-game points and event-exclusive Raid boss spirits.

You'll get a chance to encounter Raid bosses when you complete missions on the world map. However, completing the mission does not guarantee the encounter. Raid bosses are more likely to appear farther from your base. Furthermore, they won't appear in area boss or zone boss missions. Although your spirits can challenge a Raid boss battle as long as the health is full, you need Raid Points to challenge. The Raid Points that you use will be restored as time passes. You can also restore Raid Points using Destiny Orbs. Raid boss appears only limited amount of time. So do your best to defeat bosses before they disappear! If you are defeated, your friends will automatically receive a request for help and they can also join your fight against a Raid boss. Please note that when you contribute to your friend's Raid boss battle, it counts your number of conquests, but does not influence your conquest level.

Raid BossesEdit

  • MondayPeluda (Event) Dark
    • Battle Skill: Deals 0.8x normal dark damage (all enemies)
    • Support SkillSpeedHP Increase speed under 10% hp
    • Adds 2 Peluda Fire (hp ~300)
    • Time to defeat one: 90 minutes (!)
  • TuesdayWyvern (Event)Fire
    • Battle Skill: Deals 0.8x normal fire damage (all enemies)
    • Support Skill: SpeedUp Increase Speed
    • Adds: 2 Salamander Fire (hp ~200)
    • Time to defeat one: 120 minutes

Boss HealthEdit

All raid bosses start with a fixed amount of HP and each subsequent level the HP increases by the HP in the second table.

Level Peluda Wyvern Leviathan


Azi Dahaka Shin Yinglong Bahamut
1 5400 8400 10000 8400 6000 6000 6000 7200
2 6012 9240 10840 9280 6536 6497 6860 8385
5 7848 11760 13360 11920 8142 7989 9440 11941
15 13968 20160 21760 20720 13497 12962 18040 23794
30 25392 32760 34360 33920 23493 22240 30940 41574
50 42528 49560 51160 49920 38487 36167 48140 65280
75 63744 70560 72160 71920 57051 53405 69640 84156
99 65376 90720 92320 94640 75972 70974 90280 102277
Peluda Wyvern Leviathan Ladon Azi Dahaka Shin Yinglong Bahamut
612/LV 840/LV 840/LV +880/LV

LV 1-15: +535.5/LV

LV 15-30: +666.4/LV

+~497.3/LV  860/LV 1185~/LV


Individual Boss DefeatedEdit

Ladon (Event) , Azi Dahaka (Event) , Shin (Event)

Conquest Reward 300 SStone
Discovery Reward 300 SStone
MVP Reward 700 SStone

Total Bosses DefeatedEdit

Bosses defeated Reward
22 3,000 SPoint
33 4,000 SStone
55 7,000 SPoint
77 Joker of Dark
99 Joker of Wood
150 Joker of Metal
200 Joker of Fire
250 Joker of Earth
300 Joker of Water
350 Joker of Light
400 Joker of Dark
450 10,000 SPoint
500 10,000 SStone
550 12,000 SPoint
600 12,000 SStone
650 15,000SPoint
700 15,000 SStone
750 20,000SPoint
800 20,000 SStone

Conquest Level RewardsEdit

Conquest Levels refer to the rewards for defeating specific levels of specific raid bosses. These can only be earned from defeating bosses you find yourself. Each of these rewards is earned once for each boss.

Boss level defeated Reward Bosses
LV 1

1,000 SPoint

Peluda, Wyvern, Leviathan, Shin, Yinglong
Cyclops Ladon
Azi Dahaka (UC) Azi Dahaka
LV 5

2,000 SPoint

Wyvern, Leviathan, Ladon, Yinglong
Peluda (R) Peluda
Azi Dahaka (R) Azi Dahaka
Shin (R) Shin
Bahamut Bahamut
LV 10

2,000 SPoint

Peluda, Leviathan, Shin
Wyvern (SR) Wyvern
Leviathan (SR) Leviathan
Ladon Ladon
Azi Dahaka (UC) Azi Dahaka
Yinglong (SR) Yinglong
LV 15

Peluda (R)

Prince of Fire Wyvern
Prince of Water Leviathan
Prince of Wood Ladon
Azi Dahaka (R) Azi Dahaka
Shin (R) Shin
Prince of Light Yinglong
Bahamut Bahamut
LV 20

Prince of Dark

Wyvern (SR) Wyvern
Leviathan (SR) Leviathan
Ladon Ladon
Prince of Metal Azi Dahaka
Prince of Earth Shin
Yinglong (SR) Yinglong
LV 25

4,000 SPoint

Wyvern, Leviathan, Ladon, Yinglong
Peluda (R) Peluda
Azi Dahaka (R) Azi Dahaka
Shin (R) Shin
Bahamut Bahamut
LV 30

4,200 SPoint

Peluda, Azi Dahaka, Shin, Yinglong
Ladon Ladon
LV 35

5,600 SPoint

Wyvern (SR) Wyvern
Leviathan (SR) Leviathan
Yinglong (SR) Yinglong
Bahamut Bahamut
LV 40

6,400 SPoint

Wyvern, Leviathan, Yinglong, Bahamut
Peluda (R) Peluda
Azi Dahaka (R) Azi Dahaka
Shin (R) Shin
LV 45 Ladon Ladon
LV 50

Queen of Dark

Wyvern (SR) Wyvern
Leviathan (SR) Leviathan
Queen of Metal Azi Dahaka
Queen of Earth Shin
Yinglong (SR) Yinglong
LV 55 Queen of Wood Ladon
Bahamut Bahamut
LV 60

Queen of Fire

Queen of Water Leviathan
Queen of Light Yinglong
LV 65

9,000 SPoint

Peluda, Azi Dahaka, Shin
Queen of Light Bahamut
LV 70

11,000 SPoint

LV 75

12,000 SPoint

Wyvern, Leviathan, Yinglong
LV 80

12,000 SPoint

Peluda, Azi Dahaka, Shin
13,000 SPoint Bahamut
LV 85 14,000 SPoint Ladon
LV 90 15,000 SPoint Wyvern, Leviathan, Yinglong
LV 95 15,000 SPoint Bahamut
LV 99

2,000 SPoint

All bosses

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