Charibasa New

Name Charibasa Lore Miscellaneous
Rarity DOS - SR Element Light Cost 5.0 Skill Cost 85
Battle Skill Shwoop-fling
Effect All allies attack fiercely at once (single enemy).
Support Skill Critcal
Effect Crit Critical hit rate +25% (all allies).
Base 1000 185 185
LV 25 1412 313 313
LV 35 1583 366 366
LV 45 1726 411 411
LV 55 1858 452 452
LV 65 1990 493 493
LV 75
How to Obtain
SStone No DO 16x16 Yes Hunt No Battle No Event No

Spirit History and Mythology
Introduced in Patapon 3, Charibasa is a chariot-riding unit that wears the mask of a bird. They inflict brutal damage by ramming into their foes while on chariots, and thrusting their sharp spears into the enemy's body. Charibasas are armed with shields, spears and chariots, and halberds. Chariots themselves pose a threat, as the wheels can ram against enemies and toss them.

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