Name Chalchiuhtlicue Lore Aztec Myth and Folklore
Rarity DOS - R Element Water Cost 3.0 Skill Cost 65
Battle Skill Speed Scrape
Effect Stop SPD -20% (all enemies, 15 sec).
Support Skill Invisible Wall
Effect ArmorUp Damage received -10% (all allies).
Base 520 125 110
LV 20 826 222 221
LV 30 987 274 280
LV 40 1140 323 335
LV 50 1264 362 380
How to Obtain
SStone Zone DO 16x16 No Hunt Yes Battle No Event No
Defeat the Northeastern South America zone boss (-4,-1) to unlock for normal summoning.

Spirit History and Mythology
Aztec goddess whose name means "she of the jade skirt", and sister of Tlaloc. Her rites involved a priestess dressed in her eponymous jade skirt. Besides water, her portfolio included childbirth and youthful ardor.

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