Name Beelzebub Lore European Folklore
Rarity DOS - SR Element Dark Cost 4.0 Skill Cost 40
Battle Skill The Oracle
Effect 200% Dark damage (single enemy).
Support Skill A Dark Truth
Effect Change to Dark element (all allies).
Base 800 150 150
LV 25 1212 278 278
LV 35 1383 331 331
LV 45 1526 376 376
LV 55 1658 417 417
LV 65 1790 458 458
How to Obtain
SStone No Help Update No Hunt No Battle No Event Yes
Event Reward: 14 Days of Darkness / Reincarnation

Spirit History and Mythology
Beelzebub, in Christian and Biblical sources, is referred to as another name for the devil. In Christian demonology, Beelzebub is one of the seven princes of Hell and, in the New Testament, considered as the chief of all demons. He also had control over diseases—flies would gather around dead corpses and spread disease from the dead to the living.

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