Azure Dragon

Name Azure Dragon Lore Chinese Myth and Folklore
Rarity DOS - SR Element Water Cost 4.5 Skill Cost 55
Battle Skill White Water Top
Effect 150% Water damage (all enemies).
Support Skill Seven Hills of the East
Effect Strength ATK +30% (Water allies).
Base 840 145 115
LV 25 1227 268 255
LV 35 1388 319 314
LV 45 1522 362 363
LV 55 1646 402 408
LV 65 1770 441 453
How to Obtain
SStone As DO 16x16 No Hunt As Battle No Event No

Spirit History and Mythology
The Azure Dragon is one of the 4 sacred animals that make up the Chinese constellations. It corresponds to water, the eastern direction, and the season of spring. In worldwide popular culture, its Japanese name, Seiryuu, is frequently used.

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