Name Afanc Lore Celtic Myth and Folklore
Rarity DOS - C Element Earth Cost 1.0 Skill Cost 75
Battle Skill Uluru
Effect HP50%↓: SPD +15% (single ally).
Base 240 120 50
LV 10 431 206 86
LV 20 544 261 117
How to Obtain
SStone Eu DO 16x16 No Hunt Eu Battle Eu Event No

Spirit History and Mythology
The Afanc is a lake monster from Welsh mythology. Its exact description varies; it is described variously as resembling a crocodile, beaver or dwarf-like creature, and is sometimes said to be a demon. In Arthurian legend, the monster was claimed to have been killed by Arthur, Peredur, or Perceval (the latter two who may be the same knight).

Source: [1]

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