Heya all, as this forum looks kind of messy with all that posts that a lot of old topics probably is not valid anymore, so I decided to delete old topics to make easier to search for offers instead of scrolling through dozen pages, where some open offers might get lost.

So instead of asking in every old topic I will just simply delete every topic that is inactive in more than 2 months and it not linking to a list of spirits on the user profile. Also every topic that is not from a registered user and don't have contact information will be deleted regardless of age.

Will message some users if it will be unclear to me if the topic is inactive but otherwise all old topics will be removed unless someone send me a message with link to the topic that they still using that are old.

After that I plan to put a few rules to make browsing this forum easier as well as keep it clean so if you got any suggestion feel free to tell me.

Edit - To make thing easier i put my post in main topic as well

Ok got a few ideas that I want to put while cleaning this forum that I want to know your opinion:

First, I want to make posting a trading mostly for registered users, non-registered users would still be able to post an offer

Secondly, I would like to ask people who trade a lot to do a list of spirits they want to trade/get on their profile – this is linked to my next point. As it’s easier for person to use his/her wall.

Third point I want to mention is to create one topic where I want to put links to people profiles that trading a lot for people to easy find them (sticky topic). Will plan to put table with spirits that are available for trade and people are looking for with links to those people only those that will be linked). In that topic only comments allowed will be a request to add someone or to update someone list. If there will be many constant traders I might make a wika page with that list. – Will try to update list regularly although if the list will be big users will be required to post changes themselves

Fourth point is because of point above new trading topics will be for people who trade occasionally or got just one or so spirits for trade or looking for.

And last point, I plan of introducing a universal topic name that everyone should be using while creating a new topic as long topics are not fully displayed. I was thinking for one spirit it will be “[LF] xxx” or “[FT] xxx” but I’m not sure for people who got more than one spirit, was thinking of putting person name and trading list e.g. “SaiZaro trading list”

Ok that all I got to say about trading forum, got other ideas that I want to implement but for now I want to sort out trading.